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Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Knowledge Translation Research Network

In recognition of the importance of knowledge translation, the Health Services Research (HSR) Program of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) has, in conjunction with Cancer Care Ontario (CCO), formed a Knowledge Translation Research Network that will integrate knowledge translation into all of its activities and advance the fundamental science of knowledge translation.

There is a natural alignment between the goals of cancer control and the principles of knowledge translation. Cancer control has been defined as the useful application of research results. Hence, knowledge translation that focuses on the application of research results to improve health outcomes is fundamental to the concept of cancer control. Similarly, knowledge translation directly aligns with the translational mandate of OICR and to the overall objectives of the HSR Program.

Our mandate is to create a province-wide network of researchers the Knowledge Translation Research Network (KT-Net).


  1. Provide a platform for conducting fundamental research in knowledge translation (e.g., developing or testing models)
  2. Provide a means for applying knowledge translation techniques and tools (such as, communities of practice, evidence summaries, or use of knowledge brokers) to policy and practice

Last Modified: March 2018



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OICR/CCO Health Services Research Program Synthesis Report is available here.



Contact us at: ktnet.oicr@utoronto.ca